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There are several options to keep up with your court date:

The Court system’s website: https://www1.aoc.state.nc.us/www/calendars/CriminalQuery.html

There are a couple of things you may need to know about this site: A. The system requires that data be taken from the paper records and put into the system’s data. This tends to take about a day. Until that point, the case will not show up in the system. B. If a case is pending but there is not a specific court date set, it will not show up on this system. This often occurs when a case is in Superior (higher) Court.

You can get notifications of court dates by email or text. Go to: https://www3.nccourts.org/onlineservices/notifications/menu.sp. I am not sure that this system is yet reliable for Superior Court (higher court) dates.

You should also feel free to give us a call at 828-586-5589.




Cases vary, from Murder to traffic tickets and I’ll need to discuss your individual case in order to set a fee.


My fees are initially held in a Client Trust Account. Plain language best describes this type of account as being for other people’s money. Funds are transferred from the trust account to the business account reflecting the work that I have done on a case. This usually occurs at the end of a case.


An exception to this is a donation to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America in lieu of a portion of a fee. I have, of course, no access to these funds.